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Decentralized Finance Part I



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Welcome to our first online training session in Decentralized Finance.

The economic and social impact of the COVID - 19 epidemic are uncertain but will be massive. As the world heads to worst recession since the Great Depression, a new, parallel financial system is emerging. It is  purely digital and runs on top of a public, permissionless blockchain: Ethereum.  In contrast to the current system, it is open and accesible for everyone with an Internet connection. A retail first system that promises to democratize and expand access to financial services worldwide.

 In this introductory webinar, we will cover following topics:

  • What is DeFi and why it is important to learn about it in times of economic turmoil.
  • What are the problems of the legacy financial system and how DeFi address them
  • What are the benefits and risks of Decentralized Finance
  • What is Ether and why it is an emerging type of digital, global money
  • What type of services can you receive and also provide in DeFi for consumers and business
  • How to get started: Buy cryptomoney, open an Ethereum account and configure a wallet.


Duration: 45 min

Level: Beginner




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