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Blue Swan Academy

An education and talent platform.


Institutions and culture change slower than technology. As such, blockchain has created a knowledge and skills gap, as its applications are not well understood.

Academy is here to make it accessible, and enable learning and innovation.

We wish to support the general public, professionals, and governments, so that blockchain can be ethically and effectively implemented into society.


Educating the experts of tomorrow.

  • The lack of human resources is delaying the development of the industry. Blockchain language developers, smart-lawyers, and crypto-economists are all desperately needed.
  • Professionals increasingly receive blockchain-related challenges and lack the knowledge and skills to deliver a maximized solution to stakeholders.
  • We are creating the training programs the market demands: coding skills, smart-law, crypto economy and corresponding strategy.




Blue Swan

Bringing blockchain solutions to life.

Blue Swan is an ecosystem for decentralised innovations.

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