Blockchain Foundations

Table of Contents

I. Introduction


1. What is decentralization?

2. Blockchains as ledgers

3. Blockchains as networks

4. Blockchain governance

5. Digital trust and social scalability


II History and Ideology


1. Technological background

2. Ideological background


III Technology Stack


1. Blockchain's and Internet technology stack

2. Blockchains and DLTs

3. Classification of Blockchains

IV Cryptography


1. Introduction to cryptography

2. Cryptographic hashes

3. Digital signatures


V. Smart Contracts and Tokens


1. Introduction to smart 

2. Introduction to blockchain tokens

3. Tokens and tokenization

VI Legal and Regulatory


1. Money transfer regulations

2. Crowdfunding and securities regulations

3. Property law

4. Contract law

5. Corporate law

6. Liability issues

7. Data protection regulations