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About the Module

Introduction to the basic building blocks of blockchain technologies. Description of the most important roles of blockchain technologies: ledger of transactions, network of nodes and governance rules.  We will define crucial concepts such as decentralization and digital trust which will be used throughout the course. 


  • Decentralization
  • Blockchain as a transaction ledger or asset register
  • Blockchain as a P2P network of nodes
  • Governance and consensus rules
  • Blockchains as cooperation and coordination platforms
  • Digital Trust
Your Instructors:

Juan Carlos Escallón

Juan is Co-Head of Blue Swan's Blockchain Academy. He is mainly responsable for content production for the law and finance programs. Previously to joining Blue Swan, he worked in a pilot project to implement a blockchain based land registry in his home country Colombia. Juan has a legal background and worked advising companies in international commerce and investments before joining full time the crypto ecosystem in 2017.

Ezequiel Rubinstein

Ezequiel is a specialist on digital transformation who has provided advice for public and private organizations in his native Argentina, Spain and Germany. Projects include the complete restructuring of an IT agency, digitalization of citizen services for the Spanish Public Administration, introduction of digital signature for several agencies, impact analysis of transitioning to Open Source Software, and a consumer-oriented price-tracking system in Buenos Aires, among many others.

Since 2019 he leads Blue Swan Academy’s administration, additionally providing support to content curation, production, and social interaction.

Ezequiel is a certified lawyer in Argentina and holds two advanced degrees in Administrative Law and European politics and policy.


Online Course Blockchain Foundations




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