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Cryptographic secured tokens are the killer application of blockchain technologies. They can represent any digital of physical asset but also access rights to a (public or private) property or service. Due to their versatility, cryptoassets will affect financial and legal industry as E-mails changed forever the postal industry. Get ready to know more about this new exciting and revolutionary asset class and understand why it will be essential for legal professionals!


Course Outline:


  • Definition of assets and assets classes
  • Definition of Cryptoassets, a new asset class
  • Classification models
  • Currency Tokens
  • Utility Tokens
  • Security Tokens (asset backed tokens)
    • Debt and Equity Tokenization
    • Commodities
    • Non Fungible Assets (NFTs)
    • Stable tokens
  • Capital assets /  Consumable assets / SoV
  • Token Standards
    • ERC 20 Fungible Token standard
    • ERC 721 Non fungible token standard
  • Token Regulations


  • Code a token smart contract in Solidity and deploy it in an Ethereum testnet
  • Token Taxonomy Models
    • ITSA (International Token Standard Association)
  • Analytical Frameworks 
    • Blue Swan Grading


Your Instructor:

Juan Carlos Escallón

Juan is an experienced lawyer based in Berlin, Germany, immersed full time in the Blockchain ecosystem since 2017. Juan is a leading expert in the German blockchain community and participated in numerous conferences, events and hackatons. Juan is an active member of Bundesblock, Germany's Blockchain industry association, as well as important global blockchain law communities. He leads Blue Swan's Blockchain Law Academy with the purpose of training lawyers in specific blockchain skills and facilitating legal professionals in the transition to a decentralized world.

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