Will blockchains foster our constitutional rights?

by Ezequiel Rubinstein

 As an avid reader of both science-fiction and political theory I often wonder if nascent Blockchain technologies will substantially alter the governance of the liberal democracy we live in.

Blockchains have been hailed as a technology that could alter everything. From the basics of our financial systems to the way we interact with our home appliances or enter rental contracts. The technology has ground-breaking abilities to transparently link value, identities,...

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Digital Proof of Identity. Is the COVID crisis Blockchain’s chance to prove itself useful?

by Ezequiel Rubinstein


On several WhatsApp groups I am subscribed to a joke sarcastically captured the spirit of the moment on innovation:  

What triggered technological change in your organization? 

The IT Department 

The CEO 


The CTO 

The Agile Team 

As is the case with most jokes, this one is based on true facts: public and private sector alike are running against the clock to implement technological changes that may ease the...

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Medical Supply Chains and Corona Crisis. Can Blockchains help?

by Ezequiel Rubinstein


Some days ago, Spanish authorities struggling to control the COVID-19 outbreak found out that many of the Corona-tests they had bought were unacceptably flawed. All fingers pointed to a supplier who had not been licensed by the government 

The Corona-crisis has in fact been said to threaten with supply-chain disruptions that could endanger both businesses and the livelihoods of millions of people.  

A number of aspects have been identified...

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