Staking, all you need to know

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021

Dear Crypto Enthusiasts,

In our previous article, we analyzed the fundamentals of staking and defined it as a digital work agreement that provides people all over the world exposure to the new, digital, web 3 economy. Anyone, in every corner corner of the world, can provide value to a crypto network and receive rewards for it, without asking for permission from anybody (aka permissionless). We will now further analyze blockchain staking at the blockchain protocol layer...

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Uncategorized Mar 22, 2021

Dear Crypto Enthusiasts,

in the next series of articles, we will cover the most important trends of the crypto industry in the upcoming months. The first topic we will cover is staking.

Staking fundamentals

Staking is one of the most attractive and lower-risk ways to generate a passive income on your cryptoassets. But more than that, staking is a way of actively participating and providing value to a decentralized network. It is our gateway to the decentralized economy. What...

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Will blockchains foster our constitutional rights?

by Ezequiel Rubinstein

 As an avid reader of both science-fiction and political theory I often wonder if nascent Blockchain technologies will substantially alter the governance of the liberal democracy we live in.

Blockchains have been hailed as a technology that could alter everything. From the basics of our financial systems to the way we interact with our home appliances or enter rental contracts. The technology has ground-breaking abilities to transparently link value, identities,...

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The Second DeFi Agricultural Revolution

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2020

Year 9500 BC (Before Christ). In the fertile Tigris — Euphrates river basin, mankind developed one of the most important technologies in its history; the art and science of cultivating plants and animals. The invention of agriculture was key for developing a sedentary human civilization. It enabled Sumer farmers to accumulate a large surplus of grains and other crops, which in turn enabled them to from urban settlements like the city of Uruk, one of the...

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The DeFi Agricultural Revolution

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2020

Dear Crypto Enthusiasts:

The DeFi ecosystem is literally going through the roof.

While the world is heading to the worst economic recession of the century,

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DeFi reaches the milestone of USD 2.8b total value locked and growing by the minute. Not only this figure is an All Time High figure, but more importantly, is growing exponentially:Total value locked in the system increased 2x in the last month!

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What is happening here?

The hyperbolic...

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1-2-3 Crypto: Blockchain Wallets

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts:

In this article we are going to explore an essential piece of technology that you will need to get familiar with: Cryptowallets. What are they?

A blockchain wallet is a piece of software that you will need to manage your cryptocurrencies and digital assets. With a wallet, you can receive, store and spend your digital funds, but also interact with smart contracts and more complex decentralized applications that run on a blockchain.

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1-2-3 First steps into Crypto

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

Dear fellow crypto enthusiasts,

After our introductory Webinar to Decentralized Finance many of our users have asked us: what is the best way to get started into crypto? How to get started into DeFi?

The first step is to get some cryptoassets. There are several ways to acquire them, in this article we are going to talk about Crypto Exchanges. They will be your first gateway into the crypto economy so it is good to understand how they work. We will also discuss...

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Decentralized Finance and the Debt Cycles

Uncategorized May 25, 2020
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Digital Proof of Identity. Is the COVID crisis Blockchain’s chance to prove itself useful?

by Ezequiel Rubinstein


On several WhatsApp groups I am subscribed to a joke sarcastically captured the spirit of the moment on innovation:  

What triggered technological change in your organization? 

The IT Department 

The CEO 


The CTO 

The Agile Team 

As is the case with most jokes, this one is based on true facts: public and private sector alike are running against the clock to implement technological changes that may ease the...

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Decentralized Finance for turbulent times

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2020

An alternative financial system emerges in turbulent times.

The COVID-19 epidemic keeps spreading throughout the planet. At the times of writing, we reach 2m confirmed infections in >180 countries and 120k deaths. And the concerns about the most severe economic recession since the Great Depression keep growing.

Governments worldwide have implemented unprecedented measures trying to control the spread: nationwide lockdowns, closing down schools, restaurants and businesses as...

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