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Online Course

Blockchain Foundations 

Introductory blockchain course for working professionals   

Learn with us the skill set of the future and be part of the Blockchain (r)evolution !



Blockchain tech for everybody

Understand the technological and economical foundations of blockchain technologies.

  • Designed for non technical, working professionals. Identify opportunities in your career
  • Entry level course, no previous knowledge or experience is required
  • Learning by doing. Interactive exercises, use cases and simulations for a unique learning experience


See here the Table of Contents of the Course


Understand the building blocks of blockchain technologies


Learn the basic concepts of blockchain technologies: decentralization, network of nodes, transaction ledger, consensus rules and digital trust.


History and Ideology

Discover the different ideologies and technological developments that preceded and inspired blockchain technologies.


Technological Stack

Understand how decentralized  ledgers are part of Internet's technology stack and why they democratize value creation


The crucial technology behind blockchains. Understand hashing and digital signatures and why they are relevant for your profession.


Smart Contracts & Cryptoassets

See the potentials of new, revolutionary digital assets as well as self-enforcing pieces of software, capable of transmitting value automatically


Understand the current challenges and regulatory issues that this revolutionary technology will have in the following years



A mixture of animated clips, interactive modules, infographics and exercises will be included. You will also have a access to a glossary and a bibliography list

The total sitting time of the course is estimated around 8 - 9 hours.

There are in total 26 modules in the course divided in 6 chapters: Introduction to Blockchains, History and Ideology, Technological Foundations, Cryptography, Smart Contracts & Cryptoassets and Regulations. 

The free trial will grant you free access to the first chapter of the course, 

Yes, a certification will be issued in the blockchain through POAP protocol

"Blue Swan Academy's introductory module has been crucial for identifying the challenges and risks of the technology for our organization."

Marco Ruiz
Legal Counsel

"Blue Swan's introductory DeFi webinar was instructive and inspiring! "

Andy Schmidt
FinTech entrepreneur

"At last I found a blockchain course accesible for newcomers! Looking forward to the following modules."

Lisa K.
Law student

"Blue Swan courses present complex technical terms in a precise and accesible way. Recommended for a non-tech, lay audience."

Tomas GarcĂ­a

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