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Why is blockchain relevant for your career?

Blue Swan Academy courses will provide you with the necessary skill set to understand and leverage blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Ventures

Identify legal and regulatory risks of your blockchain project. Understand the legal implications of different blockchain architectures and token designs.

Law Offices

Lawyers with blockchain expertise are in high demand! Learn about new emerging practice areas and develop the skills of your legal team to take advantage of new niches.

Legaltech & Fintech

Blockchain tech is redefining the business of law and finance. Discover blockchain enabled use cases that will radically transform the legal and finance profession.



Finance Professionals

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications are building open, permisionless tools for moving, lending and storing value. Discover the potentials for finance and securitization professionals.

Regulators and Policy

Understand the main regulatory and legal challenges that decentralized networks pose to regulatory authorities and policy makers.




The technology's applications pose novel issues across the entire law curriculum, which will challenge long-standing principles, definitions and doctrines.


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New emerging legal concepts and principles are based in cryptography and computer science. However, the industry still lacks precision in the language and terminology.  This is a requisite for taking sound decisions and performing any legal analysis.



Blockchain tech and regulations are evolving very fast and is hard to keep up with every development. Let us construct nd curate together this resource list of media articles and research papers, indexed according topic and date.


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